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WEM - Application Self-service

Julien DESTOMBES1709158802




I have a question about WEM application self-service. I implement this feature for a customer who wants users to manage there workspace environment.


The problem we notice is that all user customization are discared if we edit an application and click on OK. Is it normal ? Is there a way to change this ?


Eg: user decide to configure Word shortcut on his desktop inside Manage Application. If the administrator edit Word, the icon is removed from the user's desktop.


Thanks for your help.



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hey Julien,


When you edit the application, are the actual user customization still displayed within the manage applications window client side - Pin to Desktop for example - settings are there but the actual icon isn't?


I cant mirror the problem you are explaining based on my current configuration, but i can mirror something similar so want to be sure

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Hi James ! 


How do you do ?


When we edit an application that is assigned and validate by OK (without changing anything), then the user lost his customization. In the manage applications the check box is ticked but the default assignment value take place (Eg: Pin to desktop is ticked but if in the administration console we don't enable desktop icon creation the icon is removed from the desktop....even if the user has ticked the checkbox).


The problem is easily reproductable:

1- Assign an application for a user without Self healing and without desktop icon creation

2 - User configure tick the desktop icon creation in the manage application tool

3 - The administrator edit the application and click ok

4 - User refresh and the icon should disapear fro the desktop.



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Hey Julien - Going well mate - hopefully you too


Yep, that's the same behavior i can currently replicate however i don't need to edit the application to replicate the behavior - only way for any sort of stability with it is to disable "delete desktop icons on start"


still trying to figure out the exact pattern :)

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