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MCS Creation Service vs Storage

Ricardo Diogo


Hi guys,


Just starting to say that I'm no expert.


I'm trying to find a way to save some storage through MCS service. 


Currently I have in Citrix Studio one host created with all 3 storages included and available.  Is my understanding, based in article in attach, that when I create a machine catalog / VDI's, the MCS service will make a bunch of copies to all the storages available. 


If I create only 1 host vs 1 storage it will save me some space, correct? I will restrain to where the service can make the necessary copies. Or at least it will make only one copy to the available storage, instead of making copies of the same thing to multiple storages.





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My question is:


Do I have to create 1 host per Storage or may I just making the storage available as soon as the previous one is close to full? When I update or create a machine catalog, if I already have 2 repo's available, it will make a copy to every repo available at the point or just to the one selected when created?


I just want to avoid the "baseDisk" copies to every repo available. That consumes a lot of resources.



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