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Anyone having the Bugfix list for Optimizer v.

Dennis Fleron


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Hi Dennis, 


Ah, this is a known problem unfortunately with certain builds of Windows 10 and we've seen it on few different occasions. Unfortunately, it is an issue that Microsoft needs to fix in their cmdlets and there is nothing we can do with it. Here is a bug report 

Unfortunately there are no updates from Microsoft, since only few people have experienced this issue - please make sure to click on upvote to make this higher priority. 

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We are right now working on a blog post for Optimizer 2.1 release, but meanwhile, here is a list of changes in this build. This was mostly maintenance release - fixed various bugs, improved user experience, polish the user interface etc…


  • User Interface
    • Template Marketplace (TM) - added support to remove 3rd party marketplaces
    • TM - fixed issue with downloaded template not available until re-launch
    • Template Builder (TB) can now detect if changes were made to template. Confirmation message (unsaved changes) is displayed only in case something has been changed.
    • TB now includes tooltips and help for all fields (thanks Dennis Span!)
    • TB is not static window (can be maximized), controls will automatically expand to all available space
    • Added "clear" button and support for ESC to all search boxes (thanks Dennis Span!)
    • Added better support for new version check of Optimizer tool in Settings. Instead of displaying support page, we now compare your current version against latest version.
    • Added support for custom proxy server in Settings
    • TB tab for PowerShell has been reviewed and polished
  • Engine
    • Added support for -OutputLogFolder - all logs can be redirected to custom location, useful for automation or remote execution from central file share
    • Added support for -TemplatePrefix - used with template auto-detection, supports 3rd party templates now
    • Display more information in generated HTML report. Now includes details and requested configuration (thanks Esther Barthel!)

If this is not one of the bugs you are seeing, I can try to help you troubleshoot it... 


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Hi Martin

The issue is not related to the bug fixlist, so I have attached a log file from one of my failed clients.

We are running the Optimizer through our SCCM OS deployment and the client having the issue is a fat client. We are running Win 10 version 1809.


If you can see anything in the log file on why it is failing randomly on the removing MS store part.


Thanks in advance


Citrix Optimizer Logs.zip

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