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XenServer update to 7.6 but XenTools remains on 6.5, PVS on top

Piotr Ostrowski


Hi !


Does anybody have any idea what to do in current circumstances:

1. XS 7.1 has been updated to XS  7.6

2. There were 2008R2 targets and masters which had XenTools 6.5 which has not been updated since quite some time and it looks like the target devices don't not work on the XS 7.6 (bsod)


* seems there is no other way to reverse the image on top of XS 7.1

* there is also an article which is specifying the possibility to load the VHD on top of another XS host, and modify the merged image BUT, the output from PVS merge is VHDX which seems not to be supported by XenCenter.


3. Does anybody of you have any proofed and tested solution for having this converted ? Does the Hyper-V Management tools and it's commandlet should really do the trick ?


Thank you for any suggestions / help.

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Hi !

Thank you for your time and help Alan, now I'm sure that this is the route which should be picked !

I would not have any problems with this procedure, if only the merged disk is not stored in the vhdx format, and not vhd.

Which causes that it can not be easily imported, and within that closed and made out of concrete environment, where my only tool is the screwdriver it is barelly impossible to convert it.


I've been reproducing this in my lab, never the less there within 7.15.1 I'm getting vhd's dependless from the choice fixed or dynamic during imaging wizard.


* May please someone, drop some light do you also have vhdx'es or vhd's ? I've inherited this environment, and scratching my head.

thx !

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Hyper-V can do a good job of importing VHD files originating from XenServer and attaching them to compatible VM templates within Hyper-V. We've managed to move a number of XenServer VMs to Hyper-V that way. Removing the XenTools ahead of time is strongly recommended. Maybe you can just do that and install the newer XenTools instance.



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