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Restore vm from snapshot with disks spanned

Arnold Williams


A vm has been deleted and needs to be recovered.

When attempting to revert vm to snapshot, unable to add disks to the reverted snapshot vm.

The disks are displayed in the storage area of the vm, but unable to attach the disks to the vm.


Can a vm be restored from a snapshot with spanned disks?





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What error do you see ? If they show in the storage area of the VM I would take it they are attached to the VM.

Unless you mean you boot the server and you can't see the storage from that perspective.


Of course this is something I have never tried, but curious what errors you get both GUI and in SMlog.




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Assuming I understand this correctly, The VM will need snapshots to be available from the respective areas they were stored on since snapshots always are local tp the disk thee storage resides on. You could always export the snapshot and restore it to whatever SR has the space if you want to consolidate the storage and there is enough space available.



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