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PVS Target getting blue-screen on Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor

Sascha Matter1709156668


Hi @all


We have a little problem with our new Nutanix/Citrix environment. We build a new Citrix environment with XD 1811, PVS 1811 and App-Layering based on Nutanix Acropolis. I created a bare master-image used the imaging-wizard to create a VHDX and attached it to our PVS-Targets. But I always get a blue-screen when I try to boot the PVS-Targets and I get the following error message: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (CVhdMp.sys)

I already found several threads here in the forum and also some CTX-Articles, but not one of those solutions helped me so far. There is no ghost NIC, firewall disabled, IPv6 disabled, AV is not installed, Nutanix VirtIO drivers & hypervisor tools are installed.

The interesting thing is, after I deleted the local disk of the master-image VM and added this VM as a PVS-target, I was able to boot from the PVS vDisk without a blue-screen.  But as soon as I try to boot from another target -> bluescreen :33_unamused:


I will try to create a new VM and give it the same MAC-address like the master-image VH has and check if this VM would boot up.


Thanks for any help,

EDIT: When I copy the MAC of the master VM to another VM, I also get the bluescreen. Even after I deleted the NIC of the master VM, attached a NIC and assigned the old MAC again, the VM wont boot up anymore respectively I get a bluescreen. 

So I my opinion it's a problem of the PVS-agent, that cannot handle the change of the NIC ID or something like that. I will try an older PVS-agent.

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What is the PVS-Agent, you mean PVS target software?  Also copying MAC addresses around is not supported, that is part of the VM meta data so I have no idea what that would do since I have never or will ever try it.  You are saying that when you downgraded the PVS target software side to 1808 from 1811 then everything works fine in the copied MAC address scenario?  The only real change in the target software between 1811 and 1808  was the addition of Asynch IO can be enabled using the PVS console.   What version of App layering are you using?  Did you use App Layering to create a new vdisk with 1811?  Do you have a screen shot of the crash? 

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PVS Agent if meant the PVS target software. And I know that copying the MAC address is not supported, I just did this for a test to check if the PVS target software has a problem  cause of a different MAC address. But that wasn't the case, even with the same MAC address another VM would end with the blue-screen

We are using the latest version of App-Layering. But the crash also happenend, when I didn't use App-Layering to create the vDisk. 

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