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App layer newbi with more issues

John Litster


Ok, so I followed carlstalhood  pages on creating and deploying app layering.  (Or at least I think I did, I didn't get any error on any of teh steps)

I am running citrix virtual apps and desktop 1811  and ELM

I created an OS layer, then a Platform layer, then an app layer, created an image, and even cloned teh image.


I assigned the app to a user  (myself)

when I sign into a machine that is controlled by mcs.....the app is not there.     

Like I said, I didn't get any errors during any of the steps.


ANy idea on where to look??

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For elastic layers be sure the image was published with elastic app layers enabled. The VM created by MCS should be non persistent when using elastic layers as well.


The log that will show what the layering service did during login would be found here:



A typical issue would be lack of correct permissions on your file share and this log will show if your user is lacking any permissions to that share. When not using user layers you will really only need read access to the share.

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the share location has READ access for EVERYONE.

The app layer is marked as Elastic.


BUT upon looking at the log file and seeing what it had to say......then attempting to go to teh share manually.....i discovered that even though the user has access to the location......THe vlan that the system is on, doesn't have access to the vlan that the share is on.    GOOD GRIEF!!!


is it possible to move the current location of the share without having to rebuild everything?    Or do I just need to redo the connector, then manually copy the files over?

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Update the file share path in the ELM first so the ELM will resync the layers to the new share. Unlike other connectors, you will want to change the path from System -> Settings and Configuration -> Network File Share. If you end up running with User layers, be aware that they need to be manually copied over when you change a share. Just the read only app layers will automatically sync over.


To avoid republishing your image when you just need to quickly change the path, please power up the image and look at this registry key:



Just change the path and update your catalog. This path is also covered in this CTX article for future reference: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX222133

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Thank you guys for your help.
I did re-do the network share, location, made sure the machine could reach it this time.  reassigned the app etc....  all i saw go to the net share was the .json files.    The vhd didn't go, 

at this point, I think i will just kill it and start over.   It was only my first, and a small setup, so really no big deal.

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