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Issue with rewrite policy for homepage2.html after updateing 12.1 51.16

Mike Verboom

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To view Storefront directly after logging in a rewite policy is created that replaces <body checkTab("ctl00_webSites_label"); to checkTab("ctl00_applications_label");


Rewrite policy:

add rewrite action RWA_UG_CVPN_DefaultTab replace_all "HTTP.RES.BODY(120000).SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE)" q/"checkTab(\"ctl00_applications_label\");"/ -pattern "checkTab(\"ctl00_webSites_label\");"

add rewrite policy RWP_UG_CVPN_DefaultTab "HTTP.REQ.URL.TO_LOWER.CONTAINS(\"/vpns/portal/homepage2.html\")" RWA_UG_CVPN_DefaultTab


The policy is hit, i see the hitcount increase;

root@------# nsconmsg -d current | egrep -i rewrite

   1018       0           5835        375       53 pcp_hits rewrite(ns_cvpn_default_inet_url_pol)

   1019       0            241         55        7 pcp_hits rewrite(RWP_StrictTransportSecurity)

   1020       0            241         55        7 pcp_hits rewrite(RWP_X_Citrix_Via_Insert)

   1021       0            241         55        7 pcp_hits rewrite(RWP_X_Citrix_Via_Delete)

   1022       0              5          1        0 pcp_hits rewrite(RWP_UG_CVPN_DefaultTab)


If i replace the /netscaler/portal/templates/homepage2.html file with the file from the backup the rewrite policy works. This is only temporary as all the files are replaced after a restart. The rule should hit on the following text in the html file with are exactely the same in the both files;

<body onLoad='checkTab("ctl00_webSites_label"); OnPageLoad();'>


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