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WEM sync task at boot completes with errors

Tim Veers



so as support recommends, I added a scheduled task to our platform Layer running WEM 1811 which restarts the Agent Host service and afterwards refeshes the offline cache.



This task completes with the following error:

There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://[servername]/WEMCacheSynchronizationInterface that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See "InnerException", if present, for more details.


Only "localAgentDatabase" file gets a new timestamp while "LocalAgentCache" does not update.


If I run AgentCacheUtility -refershcache manually everythigns runs fine.



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I managed to get around this. From what I can tell I was running into 2 problems 

1-Service didn't always shutdown 

2-Delay was needed between the service start and the agent refresh


seems to be fixed with this startup script 


ping localhost -n 15 >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt
net stop "WemAgentSvc" /y >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt
taskkill /F /IM Citrix.Wem.Agent.Service.exe >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt
net start "WemAgentSvc" >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt
net start "Netlogon" >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Workspace Environment Management Agent" 
ping localhost -n 15 >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt
AgentCacheUtility.exe -refreshcache >> c:\scripts\wemagentrestart.txt

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I'm getting this same issue on 1908.1.0.1


I've redirected the startup script output. I also see that the service never stops successfully 




The following services are dependent on the Citrix WEM Agent Host Service service.
Stopping the Citrix WEM Agent Host Service service will also stop these services.


The Netlogon service is stopping.
The Netlogon service was stopped successfully.

The Citrix WEM Agent Host Service service is stopping.
The Citrix WEM Agent Host Service service could not be stopped.

The Netlogon service is starting.
The Netlogon service was started successfully.

Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent Cache Management Utility - By Citrix Systems, Inc - Version 1908.1.0.1

Invalid Broker Connection Settings

Operation Completed with Errors

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Yeah we fixed it too. But solution to our issue were problems with the cache database. So they are deleted at server reboot and a little waiting time is added:


net stop "Norskale Agent Host Service" /y

del D:\WEMCache\ /S /F /q

net start "Norskale Agent Host Service"

net start "Netlogon"

timeout /T 45 /nobreak

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Norskale\Norskale Agent Host\AgentCacheUtility.exe" -refreshCache -brokerName:XXXX



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