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Difference between 401 based and Form based Authentication

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Hello Experts,


What would be difference between 401 based and Form based authentication from Netscaler usage perspective.

In an enterprise environment while designing a solution, what conditions/factors would decide the type of authentication to be used for the load balancers?


I tried google the answer but didn't find any satisfactory explanation.



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401 authentication if use for kerberos (negotitate or NTLM) authentication, so the way to not ask user/login credential

Form based authentication is most used when the end user are not connect with a domain or outside the corporate network.

I know that NTLM is alos do when you have a domain account but outside the corporate network, but now it's protocol that is not sure.


For mis side I used Kerberos into the coporate network + FormBased (ldap) for user that don't have joined domain devices, and formBased(ldap) for external network



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