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Licensing Tesla T4 GPU for Xen 7.6 std - pass through?

jon yeargers


I've installed a Tesla T4 GPU on a v7.6 server. Server is licensed "Xenserver standard".  Entire GPU is 'pass through' to a single VM.


The device is showing up in a VM via lspci and I have the NVIDIA drivers installed (and it shows up via 'nvidia-smi'). Im sure there's a license necessary for this but I can't seem to nail it down. Everything Im finding points towards vGPU licenses but doesn't seem appropriate here.


If anyone has experience using a GPU in this fashion and has successfully licensed it I'd love to hear about it.

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Yes, you'll need one for XenServer, as well as any VDI running on XenServer that you tap into that hosts a GRI-based GPU service using it, as well as potentially clients connecting to it.

There is a special license distribution area from which various XenServer as well as VDI objects can be downloaded, and you must first have an NVIDIA account as well to start with, and download and install a license manager from the download to hold license tokens. It is a fairly involved process. License installation information can be found here:








Let us know if you need help with the clarification of any of the steps and procedures.


To support the T4, you will have to install at least the GRID 7.1 driver version. See also: https://www.poppelgaard.com/nvidia-vgpu-software-v-7-1

for some good details.




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Just an FYI


the support for Tesla T4 is yet to be listed on http://hcl.xensource.com/gpus/?gpusupport__version=14&vendor=50  , whereas NVIDIA says its supported. 


So this is what you need to do. ( Steps almost same as what Tobias has listed )

  1. Install an NVIDIA license server and configure the web console: https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/latest/grid-license-server-user-guide/index.html 
  2. Download licenses from https://nvid.nvidia.com/siteminderagent/forms/login.fcc 
  3. Upload the Licenses to the License server. 
  4. Now point your Client to use the Licenses. 

If you are stuck at any point, feel free to revert. I have done this numerous times. 

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