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Is it possible to upgrade XenServer on SDX 8900 Appliance

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Hi Guys,


Would anybody know if there is a way to upgrade the XenServer version on a 8900 SDX Appliance?


As per the screenshot, we are already to the latest SBI and the XenServer is still not being upgraded as part of it.


I cannot connect to the XenServer with XenCenter and i am wondering if all of this is by design or i need to engaging with Citrix Support?


Thank you in advance,


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2 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

XenServer 6.5 is the latest for SDX.


Do not touch XenServer. Only use the SVM to configure it. XenServer upgrades are in the SDX Single Bundle file, which has a special version of XenServer for SDX. It's not the same as a normal server.


Thank you very much Carl! All i needed to know. This makes perfect sense and will leave it alone!

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