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HTTP ECV monitor

Abhijith KS

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Hi All,


I have bound a http ecv monitor with a custom GET String and when I put a receive string of 200 OK or just 200, monitor goes down. When I leave the receive string blank, monitor is up. Any idea as to what I can do to resolve this, I tried to put a custom header also, Didn't work.

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here you have and example:


 lb monitor mon-test HTTP-ECV -send "GET /test" -recv OK -LRTM ENABLED -downTime 5


It checks url /test on the server and expects to see the work OK. It will fail  if on the webpage there is any word  that has this string "OK"

 200 in the status returned by the web server and it is not a string in the actual web page. that's why it fails.



monitor HTTP-ECV looks for a pattern in the out web page 

monitor HTTP looks for a status code 




So if you want to check only the status code , use HTTP monitor



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