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XenApp 7.15 Local Host Cache didn't work when we needed it

Luke Wright


Hey Guys,


So I currently look after a reasonably small XenApp 7.15 environment. We have a total of 6 delivery controllers spread across 3 Zones, today we had an issue at one site which caused all of our XA Databases to go offline. Now I expected LHC to take over as it is enabled connections to continue being brokered, however that didn't happen. I ended up with reports of users not able to access their applications. 


Crawling through the event logs on the delivery controllers and I can see the below happening:

  • Event ID 3501 - The Citrix Broker Service detects it cannot communicate with the Database.
  • Event ID 2007 & 2008 - The Citrix Broker Service stops XML HTTP Services.
  • Event ID 3502 - The Citrix High Availability Service becomes active and states it will broker connections.
  • Event ID 2010 - The Citrix Broker Service (Reported by the Citrix High Availability Service) states it has encountered a problem while an XML service attempted to listen for HTTP requests. Full text below:

 "The Citrix Broker Service encountered a problem while an XML service attempted to listen for http(s) requests. The Windows HTTP configuration might be incomplete or incorrect.

If this problem persists, reinstall the Citrix XenDesktop Controller.
Error details:
Exception 'Access is denied' of type 'System.Net.HttpListenerException'."


Now I am beginning to suspect that when the High Availability service took over it was not able to register itself on the correct WI/Storefront port as it was still in use by the Broker Service. I have attached a screenshot of our BrokerService & HighAvailiabilityService configuration, does anyone know if both services can use the same Storefront port? I always thought that the Principal broker would hand the Storefront port over to the secondary broker in the event the databases go offline.


I suspect I'll do a simulation failure this weekend to get to the root cause but if anyone has any ideas that'd be great! Thanks!


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