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NetScaler failover issue

Ritesh Thakker

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I am new to Citrix NetScaler world and I will appreciate if experts can help me solve the problem. 


Basically I am experiencing failover issue. NetScaler MPX 5550 has been setup in HA mode with default HA timers as per enclosed picture and config spinet.


set ns config -IPAddress -netmask

set interface 0/1 -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum 0/1
set interface 0/2 -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum 0/2
set interface 1/1 -haMonitor OFF -state DISABLED -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum 1/1
set interface 1/2 -haMonitor OFF -state DISABLED -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum 1/2
set interface 1/3 -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum 1/3
set interface 1/4 -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum 1/4
set interface 1/5 -lacpMode ACTIVE -lacpKey 1 -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum LA/1
set interface 1/6 -lacpMode ACTIVE -lacpKey 1 -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype "Intel 8247X" -ifnum LA/1
set interface LO/1 -haMonitor OFF -throughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0 -intftype Loopback -ifnum LO/1
set channel LA/1 -throughput 0 -lrMinThroughput 0 -bandwidthHigh 0 -bandwidthNormal 0
add fis "fail mgt"
add fis "sync fail"
bind fis "fail mgt" 0/1
bind fis "fail mgt" 0/2
bind fis "sync fail" 1/4
bind fis "sync fail" 1/3
add vlan 401 -aliasName "traffic 401"
add vlan 500 -aliasName "HA Keep-alive"
set HA node -failSafe ON -syncvlan 500
add HA node 1
bind vlan 401 -ifnum LA/1
bind vlan 500 -ifnum 1/3

bind vlan 500 -ifnum 1/4


Whilst performing failover testing, I have noticed that link failures are working as expected (approximately  switchover time 3 seconds time) however when I perform power failure test by shutting down the PDU second NetScaler takes approximately 1 minute 05 seconds before taking over which results critical traffic loss.  Has anyone experienced similar issues? 




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Per Citrix documentation :

"HA MON must be set to OFF for interfaces that are part of the HA SYNC VLAN" that means interfaces 1/3 and 1/4 must have haMonitor OFF


Other than this  you config looks fine. I expect those vlans(401,500) have ip, right.

Do you see anything in the Netscaler logs when you stop that PDU?


You can use this form shell (go to /var/nslog/ first): 

#nsconmsg –d event 


while you are performing the power failover test you should get some messages. 



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