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Citrix Health Assistant says there is an issue with Client Access Licenses, but Licensing Diagnosis from VDA is OK.

Jesse Leonard1709160747


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On 3/22/2019 at 0:07 PM, BART JACOBS1709152229 said:

RDS CAL's are not the same thing as Citrix licenses. You actually need both. RDS CAL's are a Microsoft thing obviously


Definitely, I'm not sure what happened to the log I posted as part of it is gone. It was referring to RDS CALs though and in order to check and test those I need to do it from and RDS host. That's why I was checking from the VDA. Between the age of the configuration and the number of issues I was having I scrapped it and started fresh since this wasn't in full production. I am having a new issue though which I will start a new post for, thanks.

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