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detach SR

jamie mwanza



I am failing to detach a Storage Repository. I am using Xenserver 7.6 that is attached to a Dell EMC Unity 300. I want to detach this storage for purposes of attaching it to another pool but all efforts have failed. I am not getting the option to detach it. The following is what i have tried so far:


In the console i have ran the command:

#ps -aux | -1 <SR uuid>

found a process there and killed it. Still did not work.

I tried to destroy the pbd but i am getting the follwing response:

[root@datacenter2 ~]# xe pbd-destroy uuid=6c4e30c5-e136-bace-36f7-b1ef57fe7184
You attempted an operation that was not allowed.
reason: PBD is currently attached

# xe pbd-unplug uuid=a4034599-959a-7527-2083-879df474b6ac
This operation cannot be performed because this VDI is in use by some other operation
vdi: b24bb974-1258-4fee-9a10-2a4968b2111c (SQL-EDM-BAK)
operation: <unknown>


Done toolstack restart but still nothing.

I have done a host restart still nothing.

What am i missing??

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There may be an active VM, in which case you'll have to find out which is active and use "xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid=(UUID-of-VM)" to make sure it's not active. No activity can be going on on the SR from any VMs or you won't be able to detach it. See which VM the VDI is attached to and try that.



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