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App not loading on one of three servers

Doua Yang




We have three VDA's that are used to load balance between apps.  For some reason one of them suddenly won't launch that app anymore.  When the user clicks on the app it looks as if it's going to load, but doesn't bring up anything.  I check on the DC and see that session is established to that VDA.  It was working before and just stopped.  Only thing I can think of doing before that was updating the VDA's to version 1811.1.  I see event viewer warnings and errors that VDA, but not sure if it's related to the issue (screenshots attached).  The other two VDA's doesn't have the 1050 warning, but does have the 1019 error, but those two are working fine.  We have 2 DC's and 1 Storefront.  Any assistance to help resolve this is appreciated.  thank you, Doua

image.thumb.png.a98793b314c0a7bb2d7bb1a884bcb153.png image.thumb.png.963ae763b292f3fb0ec1326c07227407.png

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