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XenApp sessions disconnecting briefly whenever users access external NetScaler URL

Clint Sigler


I've got a weird issue.  NetScaler 11.1 in front of XenApp 7.9.    User A connects externally thru NetScaler and launches a XenApp desktop.   Session runs smooth and fine.   While User A is busy working away, if User B (in a totally separate location, on a totally separate PC) simply accesses the external website/URL of the NetScaler, then User A's session gets briefly disconnected.   Receiver goes white, popup reconnect timer shows up... and then sometimes it reconnects on its own, sometimes it does not.   User B hasn't even logged in or authenticated at this point.   The act of simply accessing the website causes sessions to get briefly disconnected.


User B simply accessing the NetScaler website/login page should not cause other users' sessions to disconnect.   Any ideas of where to look???


NetScaler 11.1  48.10.n.c

XenApp 7.9


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