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Office 365 OD4B (One Drive for Business) and VDI

John Francis1709160537




Is there any article that shows how we could use OD4B with persistent or non-persistent desktops. We do not want to Sync the desktops as they do not have 1TB. But,


1. I want to make sure that users can use their one drive to store files if they need to store it there. 

2. What kind of security would anyone prefer to have it for OD4B as I am reading up on Bit-locker drive encryption and also Domain Joined PC's to Sync. But, these are VDIs and not full desktops. We do not want to sync 1TB from the cloud to VDI. How does that work?


Thanks for your response in advance!

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23 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

For persistent, treat it like any other PC.

  • Your storage might have its own encryption method. Your hypervisor might have its own encryption method. Or you can do any in-guest encryption.


For non-persistent (not recommended), see https://fslogix.com/products/technical-faqs/284-onedrive-for-business-and-fslogix-best-practices



Thanks Carl for the Info. At the moment, I am not even looking into non-persistent. Only persistent desktops. But, my main concern is to turn of Auto-Sync so that VDI'S don't sync to the local disk. If the users want to save anything on their 1TB drive it is fine. I also read somewhere you can even restrict the 1TB whether we really want to provide them 1 TB of space or less. I have to find that article I hope I saved the link. 


My concern is 


Not to Auto-Sync (Turn it off)


I installed Office 365 using the Office Customization Tool (I chose ProPlus). Looks like we have E3 license. But, when I installed One Drive it just says One Drive but does not say One Drive for Business. I am not sure whether I have to use Business Premium version being E3 licensed to see "One Drive for Business".


Also, the installed Office 365 on the image does not launch One Drive and bring up the login page. Nothing happens. 

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