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How to stop the Citrix Workspace App (Windows Store) from creating desktop shortcuts

Ashley Heath1709160787




I am new to using the Citrix Workspace app from the Windows Store and need some guidance on how to configure it, or Windows, to stop it from automatically creating (and re-creating) desktop shortcuts for things. I have tried searching online, the Citrix knowledgebase, and the forums and have tried implementing the local group policy items as well as manually adding the "PutShortcutsOnDesktop"="false" registry item in several locations, but all have failed.


I will delete the shortcuts that are created and after an certain amount of time they will reappear without launching the app. I feel that there has to be a configuration setting, registry entry, GPO, something that can be used to keep this app from constantly creating desktop shortcuts and would really appreciate any assistance in the matter.


Thank you!

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