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Reaching Office 365 from corporate networks

Petri xCitrix

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Hi all,

Warning: (This is pure rookie question)


Today many companies do have restricted rules and the only way to go out from company is use the proxy servers. But in case with Office 365, Microsoft is putting a pressure for companies where there should be as few components as possible between user and O365.


Now we got an idea to have own NetScaler gateway for O365 on the edge network. Basic idea is to have internal DNS server (workstations are unable to resolve external names) which solves Office 365 names (DNS wildcards  for e.g. *.outlook.com) by giving the NetScaler's IP address. Is this anyhow doable or is it still pure dead end? So client traffic we will success to send to NetScaler, but can we make it work as gateway to Office 365?


Limitations what we have are: proxy must be still in use, clients cannot do external DNS queries to out.

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I think this is achievable through Split DNS config and DNS suffixes on NetScaler Gateway. Split DNS can be configured to remote or Both which makes the client to use local DNS to resolve or when it cannot it can be sent to the NS for resolving the DNS.


Also proxy can be used with NS Gateway zSSL vpn ..





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