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Sessions interactives longer than 100s

Nicolas Vernholles1709160426


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Interactive Logon is further categorized into sub-phases and explained in this blog.


You need to find out which phase is taking long time and then check GPO and logon scripts processing, network connections, explorer.exe loading time etc and find out the cause of the delay.

You can also use the following command on an individual VDA to enable Process Tracking on a single machine:

 “auditpol /set /category:”Detailed Tracking” as explained in the blog mentioned above.



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Thank you for your answers guys but if i'm right, Interactive Session contain : Pre-Userinit, Userinit and shell phases.

Pre-Userinit : as we can see in the director, my GPOs took around 5s

Userinit : as we can see in the director, logon scripts took less than 1s, 

Shell: I have check the connectivity to the domain controller and the logon scripts are not corrupt


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