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VDA 7.15 CU3 SCCM Deployment - BrokerAgent.EXE.CONFIG Not Being Copied

Celeste Richards1709160785


We are currently testing a SCCM deployment of VDA 7.15 CU3 to Windows 7 machines.

The machines are currently running VDA 7.6.


Whilst most deployments were successful, we have had a few where the Citrix Desktop Service was unable to start following the update (so the machines come back as unregistered). When attempting to start it, it states that the side-by-side configuration is incorrect.


When checking the BrokerAgent.EXE.CONFIG file, it is completely empty.

Copying the BrokerAgent.EXE.CONFIG file from a successful deployment allows the service to start, and become registered in Director.


We have over 1000 W7 machines that we need to deploy this update to, so obviously we'd like to avoid needing to manually correct hundreds of machines. It's a difficult one to replicate, as we can't find any differences between the VDA installs that do copy the config, and ones that fail. Any ideas on what we can check, or what the problem might be?


Many thanks in advance.

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