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Create Redirect on netscaler

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I have an external site where i need a redirection to. I can't use domain pointers because of certificate issues (wrong name). What (and how should i do this) is the best way to accomplish this with a netscaler? 


I was thinking about pointing the DNS to the Netscalers external address and then do a redirect (301) to the other external site. I am using content switches to listen to a specific internet ip address, based on the url name sites are pointed to the correct internal server, but in this case i need to point it to a external server. 


Can this be done with my current content switch and how should i do this?





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To redirect to locations that aren't "behind" the NetScaler, use a responder policy applied to your CS vserver, to redirect traffic to a new location.


Traffic handled by responder policy will be redirect to new location. Regular CS traffic will go to destinations behind cs vserver.


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