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Chromebook & Workspace

Jeremy Dugas




I've used a Chromebook for years now with Workspace (Receiver). I like how fast the Chromebook is from power on to "getting stuff done".


Anyway, I downloaded the latest version (again), or the version that first switched over to using the "Andriod" version of Workspace, and it has so bad that I uninstalled it and just use HTML5. Works great.


Anyone else out there have a similar experience? Not sure what I'm missing besides the awfulness of navigating my Windows apps.




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Hi Jeremy,


To level set on the version determination, a couple points:

  • Google Play Store is the app store for Android apps only. This store contains the Citrix Workspace for Android version. The applications in Google Play are limited to Android mobile devices and specific versions of Chromebooks that are enabled to run Android apps. 
  • Google Web Store is the app/extension store for all Chrome devices. This store contains the Citrix Workspace for Chrome version. The applications/extensions here are available across ANY Chrome device (including things like CloudReady devices and extensions for Chrome browser running on non-Chrome devices).
  • HTML5 version is the instance that allows you to just browse to the URL of your organizations Citrix environment and login directly from the browser without launching an app.

Hope that provides more clarity. I will agree that this is a little bit of a confusion-inducing situation with the different app stores and versions of each of the apps.


That said, I'm very interested in your feedback here. I'd like to help you confirm the version you're using. The Citrix Workspace for Chrome  version should be quite of a bit different from the Android version, and honestly a better experience on a Chromebook. If we can start by uninstalling all instances of the Citrix app on your device and installing the one linked here, I'd love to understand if you're still seeing this display/mouse lag on this version.


Be advised, that there are also many other environmental conditions that would cause a lagginess within a Citrix session (virtual server/desktop utilization, Citrix policy configurations, internet/wifi conditions, etc). I'd like to focus on the difference of the clients initially however. I'm hoping we can track down where this behavior is.





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Hi Jeremy,


Can you clarify a little bit more where you're seeing the issues? To level set, there are 3 ways to access a Citrix environment on a Chrome device:

  1. Citrix Workspace App for Chrome
  2. Citrix Workspace App for Android
  3. Citrix Workspace App for HTML5

For the first two options, you need to download an app from either Google Play or the Chrome Web store (respectively). For the Workspace app for HTML5, there isn't anything to be installed on the Chrome device, but rather on the Storefront environment by administrators that run the Citrix environment you're connecting to (not sure if that's you). 


In regards to the Citrix Workspace App for Android, I can concur that the UI & user experience is definitely not as good as the native Workspace App for Chrome. My personal perspective I think this is because the Workspace app for android was built with the priority of working on Android devices and not just Chrome devices. On the other hand the Citrix Workspace for Chrome extension, should provide a much better user experience.


Can you elaborate more on your experience and the awfulness of navigating your Windows apps, and exactly which version of the Citrix Workspace client that experience correlates with? 


Thanks so much!

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Not sure I understand which option to choose from. Traditionally on a Chromebook we would instruct users to download the Citrix Workspace App from the Play Store. This approached worked well. Launch the app, enter your credentials, launch an app. It was that simple AND is still that simple today.


BUT, since Google decided to offer "Android" apps on a Chromebook and vice versus, the Play Store app, Citrix Workspace, behaves the same way as it does on a Smartphone as it does on a Chromebook. Previously this was not the case. The "Android" version was different from the "Chromebook" version. Honestly, the current "Chromebook" version feels exactly like the "Android" version now. Has the same dropdown options for mouse, keyboard, magnified mouse, etc.


The issue is not with navigation, connecting, etc., the issue is the display will often "lag" and the mouse would select items when I didn't really want it to. Hard to explain BUT Citrix Workspace on a Chromebook was awesome just about a few months ago so there was an update that I cannot explain, find online.


Thank you for your time.


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