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Two apps not working, Advice?

Nick Suender1709152578


I am using app layering with PVS.  I have two applications that I have to reinstall every time I reboot the server.  I can make a change to the layer and application will launch just fine, however after publishing and booting the server with pvs the application will not work.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix the issue, or another option to get the apps on there.  I tried appv with one of the apps and it didnt work.  (we dont use appv for anything else, not much knowledge with it) 




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Do you know where the application installs?  Some applications install into the user profile.  That wont work with App Layering as it will just install for the administrator profile.  Sometimes those same apps can be installed into program files and they will work and sometimes they wont.


If you know they install into an OK place post more about what "the application will not work" means.  Do you get errors or does it not launch.  You can use procmon to try and see why its getting the errors it is.


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