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WEM - not mapping drives fast enough

Steve MacNeil1709157315


Hi All,


I have published applications setup.  I have the application published using VUEMAppCMD.exe with the app path in the working directory which specifies a file to use on a mapped drive.  The problems is that when I click on the published application the first time, I see the wem splash screen and then everything disappears and the app does not launch.  If I try again right after, the app launches fine.


If I log of and back on, same thing, but while I maintain the session I have everything works fine.


It's just that initial application launch that depends on the network drive being mapped that doesn't work.  Anyone know how to make WEM map the drives first before launching the app....or speed up the drive map?  It definitely seems like the app is launching prior to the drive being mapped.


thoughts ?

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immediate thoughts are that there is something else potentially mapping those drives....are there any logon scripts, GPP, or any other sort of control point that might be undoing what WEM did on the first pass?


The VUEMAppCMD command is pretty much what i use on all XenApp published apps and have yet to have an issue with it

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