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Rewrite from IP to FQDN including path in VPX

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I have the following setup, a single VIP with a private IP (accessible via VPN) bound to a domain-name service (publicly resolvable, even by VPX).


VIP > Service > Domain-name server.



Domain-name rerver:  public.system.com


The idea here is for machines connected to a private network to hit the private vip, which in turns hits the public server, which appears to be working fine as the VIP is UP.

My VIP and service are SSL_BRIDGE as I am only looking to do load balancing, but the problem I have is trying to map the paths or directories in the HTTPS query, that is, I want users to be able to access this path:



So my reasoning is that users could access to get there, but this is not working for me. I tried redirection which gets me to the specifc URL, but my understanding is that this will replace the destination IP and will bypass the VPX, which defeats the initial purpose of going through VPX, plus this only works with HTTP and SSL, not SSL_BRIDGE. I was trying a rewrite, but I think same thing happens, I can only do rewrite on HTTP and SSL. That said, I noticed the site has HTTP to HTTPS redirection, so I gave it a shot to the rewrite policy doing HTTP, but no luck, not sure if this just won't work or if my policy is not right. In any case, I am open to ideas, suggestions and/or confirmation about whether or not this is feasible.


Here is the rewrite policy I configured:


    > show rewrite action Rewrite1

            Name: Rewrite1
            Operation: replace
            Value:"/public.system.com" + HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.AFTER_STR("/")
            Hits: 0
            Undef Hits: 0
            Action Reference Count: 1

     > show rewrite policy RewritePolicy1 Name: RewritePolicy1 Rule: HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY.STARTSWITH("/") RewriteAction: Rewrite1 UndefAction: Use Global LogAction: Use Global Hits: 0 Undef Hits: 0 Policy is bound to following LB SERVERS 1) Bound to: REQ VSERVER IAM.httpredirectVIP Priority: 100 GotoPriorityExpression: END Done


Thanks and regards,





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