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machine creation services, Citrix storefront

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I would like to ask a question about the Machine creation services.


1.During the process of MCS,

What are the processes that are needed to communicate with Hypervisor and What processes will initiated the creation of machines.


2.If we have 4 storefront servers in place, assume that one of the SF server is down, how can we check the status of the single SF state is down through IIS.

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I'll answer question #2 first.  If you have four SF servers, you must have a load balancer of some sort in front of them?  The load balancer should be checking the health of each SF server and be alerting you as to which server is failing a health check.  Beyond that, I don't think you can look at a single IIS service and determine the health of IIS or sites on another server.  You could potentially troubleshoot by opening your web browser and navigating to each of the four servers to determine which server is at fault.


Question #1.

In order to have MCS or PVS speak with a hypervisor, you need to install the correct components for that specific hypervisor product.  MCS/PVS would then communicate with the hypervisor using the specific vendor's APIs.

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