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2+ second delay with my app when the VDA is installed

Sadako Hattori


I hope I can articulate this well. 


I have an application that we've noticed is performing slower than it should. It's running on Windows 2016 server with VDA 7.15CU3. When I test the application through RDP without the VDA installed, it launches normally. As soon as I install the VDA and test through RDP, it launches 2-3 seconds slower. To be clear, I'm not launching this app through Citrix I'm RDP'd to the server and running the application locally. If I console into the server  (the app server is a virtual server on VMWare esxi 6.5) with the VDA installed it runs normally. I looked at wireshark with and without the VDA installed and there is a 2.5 second pause on the server when the VDA is installed and I'm RDP'd in. 

The 2-3 second delay is also there when I run the application through XenApp. 

Something with the VDA seems to be causing a micro-lockup. The server never misses a ping or anything like that,  it literally just stalls. The issue is, that it does this on almost every transaction, so my users are really noticing the latency. 


Has anyone seen this before? 

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