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Desktop time incorrect

Michael Quinonez


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I know that the very first boot for a Windows machine on a hypervisor might be in UTC (even though the timezone in Windows still says its whatever it should be) depending on how well VMware guesses what your timezone is.  See this article:




Otherwise, I'd be asking what is special about this one pool.  Maybe you just need to boot up the master image, fix the clock there, and then recompose the pool.

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Yes, The time is off by an hour for our users in a different time zone. The VDAs are set to Mountain time (our data center is in mountain time zone) but when our central time users (1 hour ahead of MDT) log into citrix, they get the mountain time zone. Citrix and GPO policies are correct. Our users on older XA6 servers are seeing this issue. XA7 users have no reported it. Any help is appreciated.

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