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Diagnose traffic/packet drop

Hafiz Nizar

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Hi guys,


I need your help. Currently we have an email security app that sits behind our firewall.

So when an email come, it will hit the ADC first, then get pass to the email security via firewall.


Few days ago, we have an issue whereby email from some outside client/domain couldn't reach the email security.

So I want to check on the ADC what happened when the email from that domain reach our ADC.


What is the best way to diagnose this? I want to check if any security features on the ADC made the email drop if any.



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if you don't see anything in the logs maybe you should create a audit message action and a responder policy.


something like this(this only an example) :


add audit messageaction audit_log_mail INFORMATIONAL "\"alertType=NS  Log - clientIP=\" + CLIENT.IP.SRC +\" VIP=\" + CLIENT.IP.DST "
add responder policy test_mail "CLIENT.IP.SRC.BETWEEN(," NOOP -logAction audit_log_mail


if you know what you are looking for you can have a different rule in the policy.

Bind this to the vip.



make sure the user defined logs go to  syslog.


# show syslogparams

 UserDefinedLogging: YES   if it is enabled.


If not, you you have have to :


#set syslogparams  -userDefinedAuditlog YES


then you can check /var/log/ns.log



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