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Excluding specific xendesktop delivery groups from running(displaying) on specific endpoints, Wyse zero and Windwos embedded 7.

Mark Rawls


We are trying to limit a group of Wyse devices, zero and Windows embedded, from accessing any delivery groups, except one specifically designated group, regardless if the user has access to other xendesktop delivery groups. In other words, regardless of the fact that I have several desktop delivery groups available to me, when I login from one of these devices it will only allow me to access a specific desktop delivery group provided I have access to it. If I don't have access to that group then nothing is available. As a matter of fact, since there will be only one desktop available it could launch it automatically.

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Are you hitting the right policy? That looks like your gateway policy rather than your direct (Storefront)


If you run a Get-BrokerAccessPolicyRule -DesktopGroupName “Account Workstations” | select name,allowedconnections,desktopgroupname,excludedclientip*


You should see multiple policies - make sure if you are not coming in via AG, that you hit the NotViaAG policy

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