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Best approach to upgrade storefront servergroup to new OS en 7.15 ltsrCU3

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Currently I'm having 1 storefrontservergroup with 2 storefrontservers based on 2012R2 and 7.15 ltsr.

I would like to move to 2 storefrontservers based on 2016 and ltsr 7.15


So I want to install 2 freshly installed servers 2016 and storefront 7.15 ltsr on it.

Next have them added to the same servergroup and remove the 2012R2 storefrontservers one by one.


Or should I first export the current storefront config (powershell) , remove 1 storefront server, Import the storefront config on the new 2016 storefront and add this one to the servergroup again? In addition doing this steps for the second server

afterwards upgrading them both to CU3?


I can't find a solid manual yet.


pls advise

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why do not you bulid  2 new storefront servers OS 2016 and ltsr 7.15.


Once you complete the configuration change the DNS entry point to new load balancer . or in  load balancer add two new servers and remove your old servers. 


All these step above you have very minimum risk and minimum downtime 





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