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ELM published automatic snapshot name "Layered Image Deployed"

Perry Minyard


When I publish an image from the App layering (ELM version18.12.0.15 ) appliance to Citrix (MCS) (VMware vSphere as hypervisor):  The ELM creates the Virtual Machine in VCenter, and then it makes a snapshot, and it names the snapshot "Layered Image Deployed".  Well, this is pretty much a very bad naming convention. 


If I don't go rename that snapshot, then when I create or edit a machine catalog, all I have to refer to is the snapshot named "Layered Image Deployed", which later makes it difficult to know what the source master VM is (Especially when you have many different machine catalogs), or multiple Layered images to manage..  So,  I manually go in and rename the snapshot to something more meaningful, such as the VM name + Date/Time it was created or snapped.   or... I delete the snapshot, and make a new snapshot and give it a name that helps me identify the VM that it is associated with.


Hey Citrix!!- Why don't you modify the publishing functionality for image templates (in your ELM appliance), so that it gives a meaningful name to the automatic snapshot that is created when a user deploys a layered image.  Perhaps name the snapshot (LayeredImageDeployed-<VMname>-<Date+Time>.  Please pass this along to the developers.



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OK, I'll pass that along.  It's certainly a valid complaint, and we do something similar in PVS by setting the vDisk description to the same nondescript string for every published image.  I'm not sure the forums is the best channel to make enhancement requests, though.  In the future, a Support case has a higher probability of being noticed and acted on.

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