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Upgrade Netscaler 5500 Appliance

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This message appear when i do an upgrade:


installns version (12.1-51.16) kernel (ns-12.1-51.16.gz)

  The Netscaler version 12.1-51.16 checksum file is located on
  http://www.mycitrix.com under Support > Downloads > Citrix NetScaler.
  Select the Release 12.1-51.16 link and expand the "Show Documentation" link
  to view the SHA2 checksum file for build 12.1-51.16.

  There may be a pause of up to 3 minutes while data is written to the flash.
  Do not interrupt the installation process once it has begun.

Installation will proceed in 5 seconds, CTRL-C to abort
Installation is starting ...

  CallHome feature will be enabled after the reboot.
  This lets the NetScaler device/instance automatically upload diagnostic
  and usage information to Citrix. This data will help detect critical errors
  and will also be used to improve the features and the product

  You can also configure this feature anytime using the command line
  interface or the configuration utility. Please see the documentation
  for more details.

openssl output can't be parsed, please reach Citrix Support.

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