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NS Gateway - Error then replaceing two STA-servers.

Henrik Frisk

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I have a Netscaler Gateway version, where I have to replace two existing Win2012R2 STA-servers with two new Windows 2016 servers.
This Gateway/ StoreFront/ STA-server setup is running just fine with the existing STA-servers.


When I insert the new STA-servers on my virtual-Gateway-server they come right away in state UP and I see an 'Auth ID'. All looks fine from the Netscaler perspectiv.

But when the customer tried to launch an application on the Citrix-desktop they get an error:


"Citrix Workspace
Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error:
Socket operation on non-socket (Socket Error 10038)"


I don't have access to the StoreFront-servers since they are operated by another supplier. The supplier confirmes that they also insert the new STA-servers in their StoreFront environment, so it's in sync with the NS Gateway.


Two questions.
 - Can someone help me with the specific error? What is the source of this error? (Netscaler/ StoreFront/ STA-server).
 - It doesn't seem to me that it has something to do with the NS Gateway. But then I would like to know where the other supplier has to troubleshoot.


Thanks in advance.

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You should really ask for a screenshot of the Storefront's STA servers configuration.


HTTP/HTTPS can also cause a problem.


If the configuration is good then you need to understand at what stage is it failing.

Open the ICA file and see if you see the STA ID and ticket number.


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I got a couple of screenshots from the StoreFront-server. (attached).

Actually, it shows how the existing STA-servers is configured. So I assume they just change the IP-address to the new servers.


I was told to use HTTP://<STA-server>, and I have asked them to check if they also configure them as HTTP. They confirmed this.


But are you saying that an ICA-file can help us locate the error! That could be interesting. What should I look for?


And maybe someone can help me understand the Netscaler 'Auth ID' when binding the STA-server.

Dos this 'Auth ID' indicates that the Gateway and STA-server is communication as expected?

Should this Auth ID be the same on the STA-servers?


Thanks in advance. :-)

SF STA-setup.jpg

SF STA-setup II.jpg

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You should review all the storefront to gateway settings:

Verify the gateway fqdn is listed properly and it is linked to the correct store.


On gateway:

Confirm what STA entries you have.

Verify the store specified in the session policy.


Check syslog for events related to sta or storefront issues:


cd /var/log

tail -f ns.log


check nslog for indication that gateway can't talk to storefront:

Look for the storefront fqdn in the session policy (and not lb vserver names/vips)


cd /var/nslog

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d event

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d consmsg    # i think this is the one you want

Your looking to see if it reports <storefront fqdn> is down, which may indicate a failure of your SNIP to reach storefront.

Also may indicate dns resolution issues if name resolution is failing.


Check storefront event viewer under Citrix Delivery Service node for storefront events that might indicate issues.

Or check XD Controllers event view (Application events) for broker service/sta issues indicating sta redemption issues if getting this far.


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