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StoreFront Sync Issue

Ryan Jewell1709155084


Hi, we have had several issues recently with our StoreFront implementation.


Firstly the solution is 2 nodes running 3.14 on Server 2016, load balanced via a ADC. This was fine for a number of months and then for some reason there were issues syncing from node 1 to 2. Ultimately node 2 was evicted and were ran at risk running on 1.


Coming back to the issue we have built 3 additional StoreFront servers (3.14 on Server 2016) and are now looking to integrate them and make a 4 node array.


When adding the first new node the sync errors persist, initially the Credential Wallet and Subscription Service also failed to start on "new" node 2 - we resolved this by importing the Certificates under Delivery Services on Node 1 into Node 2. However the sync issues persist.


It appears that Node 2 has the entire configuration (Inetpub and IIS), and if we were to integrate it into the ADC it would likely work as a StoreFront server with no problem (We will test this over the next couple of days) however it does not know that it holds a full configuration sync from Node 1.


The errors present on Node 2 after propagating from Node 1 are as follows:






Any ideas?

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