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Help with Zones configuration

Katrina Cruz


Hi all,


Got a bit of a weird issue here. We have 2 zones, one is the Primary (default) and the other is the Secondary zone. Each zone has their own delivery controllers, host connection and machine catalogs configured. In the Secondary zone, there is an AD user group configured.


We have a single Delivery Group and the catalogs in both zones are added to it. The option "Sessions must launch in a user's home zone, if configured" is ticked.


If we add a user to the AD group, we can launch a session in the correct zone (Secondary). However, if we take the user out of the group, they can still launch the session in the Secondary Zone. Any ideas what could be configured wrong?


We're running XenApp 7.15.1000.150 LTSR





The machine catalog in the Secondary zone uses a master image that is a replica of a node from the Primary zone. So it looks something like this:


Primary Zone:

- ServerABC


Secondary Zone:

- ServerABC_replica

machine catalog:

- ServerABC_replica-CloneA

- ServerABC_replica-CloneB


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