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MCS unable to update Machine Catalog / Task stuck " In Progress"



I am having issues updating one of my Machine catalogs. We are hosting in AWS. I've updated my reference server and captured the AMI. I go to apply the template update in the Citrix Studio and it fails as outlined below.


From what I can work out there is a stuck provisioning task for this catalog which could be causing the issue (Only thing I've not been able to rule out as yet). Not having the issue for any other Machine Catalog in the site.


When I try to list the tasks using get-provtask in power shell no tasks are appearing. (The failed tasks have been cleared away)

I've included 3 screenshots to some what I am seeing.

The actual error seen in the 3rd image is the generic No facility available for disk upload.


I've confirmed my AWS default VPC and subnets are OK, I've confirmed the AWS connection is fine. I can see the initial "Preparation - Name xxxxx" is created, but it starts up and stops almost straight away. 


Any help anyone can offer would be great


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Hi John


Thanks for the reply. Yes I'd reviewed that support article. I'm afraid I don't believe this applies here. I've gone through it anyway and configured the IAM permissions as per the article but the IAM user used in the AWS connection actually already had full admin access anyway.


I've re run the MCS catalog update and still have the same issue. I've re checked and it's now affected all of the Machine Catalogs I have. 


Attached are the 2 attempts I performed today, 2 Machine catalogs, i 1 try each. The "Preparation - xxxxx" EC2 instance is created, powered on and then shut down and terminated straight away.


The AWS CloudTrail logs show the IAM user activity, I can't see any calls to any S3 buckets being interacted with from the IAM user. I can see the EC2 creation / deletion requests though.

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