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Xenserver Installation: SuperMicro Quad AMD no Network Interfaces Found - But lspci lists HCL Compatible NICs

Stephen Kraus


So, I'm no stranger to Xenserver, I use it frequently and rave about it to all my clients, but I'm stumped:

I built an older SuperMicro box with Quad G32 Opteron 6xxx CPUs, which has Intel Dual Gigabit NICs (82576s) and a Quad Broadcom (NetXtreme II) card. All compatible NICs on the Xenserver HCL.

However, if I try to do the standard install, it refuses to see any of them, and if you boot into the console and run ifconfig, sure enough it only lists the loopback. 

But, if you run lspci, it properly identifies all the cards.

Is there something I'm missing?

Just for clarity: Here's the server mainboard:

While SuperMicro doesn't certify the board as Xen compatible, the chipset used was at least compatible with previous Xen versions.

Its worth noting that dmesg also shows that the Intel Cards are recognized and its trying to load a driver for them as eth0 and eth1

Xenserver LSPCI.jpg

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So, I ended up resolving this myself:

I first verified the cards were recognized by the Kernel via dmesg, then went to ifconfig and ran ifconfig -a to see 'disabled' networks, and enabled the first one I saw, and then plugged in the network cable until I saw packets starting to transfer, verifying which NIC it was.

Why Xen chose to install the cards, then disable them is beyond me.

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Therein lies the issue: I tried installing through multiple reboots and BIOS configs to make sure it wasn't the box itself without change.

I had to manually bring the cards up in ifconfig to get it working the install to complete.

But yeah, at the end of the day, its working just fine. Just mysterious

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Right, you did mention having to manually run ifconfig.   I think I've seen that once before, quite some time ago, now that you mention it.


I also had one case with two identical servers in which the NIC order was reversed with the two cards. The servers were ordered with the same specs and the identical HW configuration at the same time, yet this unexpected behavior cropped up in XenServer 6.X. Just plain weird.



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