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Update machines still says running/in progress

Andy White1709154166




We use XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU2 for our XenApp environment.  I'm using Studio as I normally do to update our VDA workers, I just select the machine catalog right click and choose update machines and select the master image and away it goes and after an hour or so it's done. 


It's now been nearly 3 hours and as you can see below it's still running, what can I do?



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The screen shot shows the Diskcleanup task. not the VDA update task.


The disk cleanup task can run until All VDA`s in the catalog are updated the latest image (an upto 6 hours after that). It is just saying that it can not clean up old the base image (most likely as there are vdas still using the old image ) 


Does studio still show the the catalog as updating?

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This given two options, Either the task never started or studio has not correctly spotted that the task has completed. 


If you click off the catalog node in studio(to any other node) and then back again catalog node does it still show as in progress?


If it does, can you call Get-ProvScheme (and find the one that matches your catalog name) and look at the properties MasterImageVm & MasterImageVmDate do they match the time and image you updated to?




If it does and studio still showing the task in progress, I would recommend closing and reopening studio as the update has completed.


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