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Netscaler vs Security Ticket Authority

Ricardo Diogo

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I have the delivery controllers already setup. I just can't found any article that explain how to setup the Delivery Controllers to be the STA Servers. Probably I have to do something in the Delivery Controllers to respond correctly to the NetScaler request.



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You do not need to do anything to the Delivery Controllers. They act as STAs by default.

On StoreFront, you would create a NetScaler instance - you enter the STAs in that wizard:

5c868de11964e_StoreFrontGatewayWizard.thumb.jpg.055fd95ca6f687a899599879c91f3711.jpg   5c868deed3e90_StoreFront-STAScreen.thumb.jpg.82698832bf06f029dd4788b497df3515.jpg


On the NetScaler, you would expand NetScaler  | Global Settings, and click Bind/Unbind STA servers ...

5c868dffbbc5f_NetScaler-STAGlobalSettings.thumb.jpg.c3a0924554aa3be6c65e0bdb31f962f4.jpg 5c868e09bbdc1_NetScaler-AddSTABinding.thumb.jpg.264eaa1082d90b51ddb5b519d8c2207c.jpg

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