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MCS created Redhat VMs overwriting Template VMs DNS entry instead of creating its own

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Hello everyone, 


we are having issues with creating Redhat VMs with mcs. 

The VMs are generated successfully but they will overwrite the DNS entry of the Template VM insted creating its own entry, everytime a MCS generated VM boots. 

So we are not able to provision the desktops as there will only be one DNS entry that all machines try to use. 

We've tried to genereate a static entry for the VMs hoping they will recognize that there is a DNS entry for themselves but it didnt helped.


We are Using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1811 and RedHat Enterprise 7.5 with 1811 VDA. 


There are no errors in the deploymcs.log or join_ad.log at /var/log...


Anyone who has an idea?

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Are these VM IPs static or DHCP assigned?  If DHCP:


On the Windows DNS server, you need to check the following :
Open the "DHCP" desktop app
Select the DNS tab
Expand the node representing your domain
Right click on "IPv4"
Select "Properties" from the context menu
Check "Enable DNS dynamic updates according to the settings below:"
Select "Always dynamically update DNS records"
Check "Dynamically update DNS records for DHCP clients that do not request updates"
The results may not be immediate, you may need to force or wait  for the machines to register.

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