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We have Xenserver 6.0.2, the license has expired.

Richard Schroder


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Maybe contacting Citrix directly or a reseller they will work with you or help you get upgraded, but not much on the forums

we can help you with. Upgrade XenCenter, exporting the VM's, installing XenServer 7.1 or 7.6 and re-importing the VM's

is about the only advice we can give.




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Unfortunately, temporary license extensions for all versions of XenServer prior to 7.X expired at the end of February 2019. Probably the only recourse is to export the VMs and install a newer version of XenServer and hope the VMs can be imported back in and still run. Making sure whatever hardware is used can support XS 7.X is clearly important.



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you can reset the date back for a month or so to get a temporary extension 


check the current time using 


Configure the time manually using 

# date -s "2 JAN 2019 18:00:00" 

Then check the hardware clock time . 

# hwclock --show # 

Then sync the system time to the hardware clock 

#hwclock --systohc

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