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Attaching HBA Volume to a VM - XenServer 7.6

Lucas Possamai


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If its a new LUN - XenServer needs to format it. so for a new Lun from Storage you need to "Format"it. 

You can do "Re-attach"only if this was earlier attached to another XenServer host/pool before. 


If you are worried if it would do something bad - no it wont if its a new LUN , it will format/wipe out the only-the-LUN and will make it XenServer-Friendly. 


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8 hours ago, Lucas Possamai said:

Hi. We have a SAN Storage and I am trying to attach a volume (from the SAN) to a VM.

If I create a new SR using that HBA connection, it asks me to format it. I don't want to format it... I want to attach the volume to a VM.


Is it possible to do that? 

I'm using Xenserver 7.6.




The volume is not a Xenserver volume. IT has ext4 in it and it was attached to another server (Linux) before.

So I cannot format it.


The option "Re-attach" is not shown to me, probably because this volume was never an SR before.


So, I have this volume (ext4) which was originally created from another Linux host (not xenserver) and I need to attach it to a VM. Is it possible?

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