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User Layer Location per Image

James Sabia1709160584


Is is possible to have a user layer per created Image? We leverage 2 images that all users have access to but serve completely different user/administrative functions within our environment. In order to connect to the VDAs in Image2 they need to be logged into the VDA on Image1 but they user layers should not be the same between the 2 images. Is this possible?

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Looks like you got the answer in your support case, but for other folks, it's this key:





That key, if it exists in the image before a user logs in, will cause Ulayer.exe to ignore the User Layer share assignments set in the ELM, and instead have all users on this machine use the specified share for User Layer VHDs.  That's the share name only.  The "\Users" subtree is appended to this key to locate the actual layers.


You can deliver this in the Platform Layer or an App Layer, or as a machine GPO, as long as the registry setting is in the image before any user logs in.

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