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Hi Guys,


currently I´m working on a project where I have a Netscaler Unified Gateway vServer and an ADFS4.0 Server (Server2016). Sharefile for example is configured to use the ADFS Server for Login, which is working completely fine. What I now want is that a User can login to the Unified Gateway vServer, after the login he got presented a few bookmarks for example Sharefile or O365. If he clicks on a bookmark I want that he got redirected to Sharefile and sso will happen, based on the credentials provided on the unified gateway. Should look like this:



I got this working with Unified Gateway only, without ADFS. But not with ADFS between unified Gateway and Sharefile.


This is how my Bookmark looks like:


And this is my SSO Profile



The ADFS-Signing-Cert is the Token Signing Cert of the ADFS Server. 


Anybody got this ever working. I´ve run out of ideas.






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