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Users with new UPN suffix unable to launch apps from Netscaler "Cannot complete your request"

Marc Davies

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I have all users in a single domain. Because of company re-branding, we have new users being setup with a new UPN.


So we have a mix of users with:

Current users: username@domain.com

New users: username@newdomain.com


Users with the new UPN suffix can login to Netscaler, but cannot launch apps. If users navigate to the StoreFront URL it works.(new domain was added in trusted domains list on SF server).


Our Netscaler LDAP settings seem to have UPN for Server Logon Name Attribute (see attachd image) , which is what all users use to login. The login works, but again, launching apps does not.


All users are in the same OU, aside from the new UPN suffix, nothing has changed. Our Netscaler engineer is no longer here, so that makes things a little more interesting :)


It seems there is a setting somewhere in the NS config that we need to add the new domain but, despite reading through several guides,  can't quite find where that is.


Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!



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Based on what you are saying. I would check event viewer error message in Storefront under Citrix Delivery Services. Also make sure that the Gateway is added with the new domain if that also changed. 

Only after that.

The two things on the ADC I would suggest is check the session profile for the SSO domain may use UPN for the SSO name attribute, if you do that leave the SSO domain the the session profile blank. 



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